can I use duct tape on this project?

I know its bad to use duct tape, but I hacked a usb cord so I can use it on a 2.5mm barrel. The wires will have 5v 2.1A running through them, will this melt the duct tape if I tape it with them? If so, then what else can I use to join the wires besides electrical tape?

Buy some heat shrink tubing. Solder connections. Shrink the tubing over your soldering.

will this melt the duct tape if I tape it with them?

No. Duct tape is fine if a little messy.

Electrical tape would be better. Assuming that the duct tape doesn't contain any metal fibers, you are fine. I wouldn't use the shiny kind that you actually use for ducting though.

I vote for heat shrink. Duck tape (the fabric stuff) is a temporary thing. The glue dries out, the fabric falls apart. Electrical tape is not good for something this tiny, it is difficult to wrap around very small wires. Both tapes can creep under stress and expose wires.

Heat shrink.

Actual -duct- tape is aluminum tape, which is conductive.

If you hire someone to work on your furnace/ductwork and you see them using fabric tape, fire them. It falls apart quickly when exposed to heat, they should be using aluminum duct tape.

Actual -duct- tape is aluminum tape, which is conductive.

Only on the outside. Anyway all the duct tape I have used is plastic and the shiny surface is not conductive.

Anyway a much better thing than heat shrink is self alagmating tape. The problem with heat shrink is that you have to insert the wires before you solder them together. Also it has limited shrink ability.

Mike, if you've never used the aluminium type you don't know what you're missing. Aluminium foil (no fabric) with an adhesive backing, extremely thin. It's wonderful stuff for sealing all sorts of gaps. It moulds in well and sticks like **** on a blanket, and it's relatively heatproof.

Yes. That being said I always wonder when I read a post like this and the correct material/thing is universally available at a very low cost why in the world would anyone use something else except as a temporary quick fix. Electrical tape belongs in every experimenter's tool box. Get to your big box store and pop a buck or two for a roll.

Yeah, one of my pet peeves is people treating WD-40 as if it were an oil, and duck tape as if it were permanent. And both as if they were panaceas.

You mean this is not true, surely it is:-


I've used the self amalgamating tape assuming you mean something like rescue tape. That stuff is great, but expensive, and I've not had good luck in trying to use it small amounts since it needs to stick to itself, so it needs to wrap all the way around something. Heat shrink is a generally cheaper permanent solution, but it is not easier since you need to have it in place. Ignoring rescue tape (which bonds to itself, not using adhesive, but SCIENCE), most common tape adhesives will get gross then fall apart over time.