Can i use Ethernet shield programming in C?

Eclipse, C project, AVR-GCC Toolchain

For this project i am switching Arduino IDE with Eclipse and C code.

Connected everything, made simple bilnk project and it works.

What i want to do now is to use my ethernet shield in this environment with Arduino libraries. Tried, but stucked, library contains cpp files and it gives me lot of errors. Is there a way to do it?

The Ethernet library is a set of C++ classes. Incompatible with C.

If you can compile C++, you should use cpp files for all. Or you could create a set of functions wrapping the classes and providing a C interface.

Either way, try a C++ project (if you can), your code should work without change.

Trying to create an interface between C and C++ files is more trouble than it's worth. Instead, as pYro_65 said, choose one programming language and stick with it. If you want to use the Ethernet library, write your main code in C++.