Can I use metal screws to mount arduino?

Hey guy's semi new to this whole Arduino stuff and I'm in the midst of finishing off my project. Just got to mount my two boards to wood and hide the wires. My question is, is it safe to use metal screws? And if so what size do I need?

The screw can b metal but the standoffs should be insulating material because the two holes on the usb side of the board are pretty close to solder points. On my R3 the holes have a inner diameter of 3,25 which means a M3 will fit very nicely.

What are standoffs? If I mount it to wood I should be fine?

Standoffs are distances with either threaded or trough holes. I strongly recommend using these since mounting the pcb directly against a surface will introduce stress that could damage the board.

I use metal spacers but use a nylon washer on the under side.
Like the attached picture.

But that is not the only option there are lots of choices here:-

One such is the second image, a plastic through hole clip.



Thanks for the help guys! I don't have much room to play with so I'll be using these

Wow those are mega expensive, I would expect a pack of at least 50 for that price.

Yeah Got to love canada and my small town :frowning: No electronics anywhere and the small bits that I can find are at like 80% markup its crazy has tons of spacers in many kinds of sizes that you can place between the screwhead and also between the board and the enclosure.

What I've also done is hit up smaller local hardware store for small diameter nylon tubes in the nuts & bolts drawer section and then cut off slices to use as spacers. The small stores often carry stuff from Fastenal, while Home Depot only had ridiculously large sizes, like no #2-56 or #4-40 size hardware at all. is a also a good source, get a box of 100 screws and associated nuts and be good for several projects. is also a good source for hardware such as screws, nuts, spacers.

The traditional "cheapo" solution for standoffs, is common wall pugs and small short self-tapping screws.

Thanks for the help guys! I don't have much room to play with so I'll be using these.

I don't think so!

You read the specs wrong - those are nearly half an inch wide!

I used wood screws and pieces of plastic tubing for stand-offs.