Can I use multiple boards simultaneously on Mac Mini M1

I have a Mac mini M1. I'm trying to develop communications between 2 AdaFruit Feather M0 radio boards.

I need to be able to use both concurrently., but Arduino (and the Mac USB system) is only seeing the one I have plugged into the Usb-C/Thunderbolt port. The second USB-C port is needed for the display, so I have the other Feather connected via one of the Usb-A ports.

I'm desperately looking for help.

If it was a Windows PC, I know you can do it with TWO instances of the IDE(two windows). Don't know about a Mac.

Hook up a usb C to old usb hub and plug your Arduinos into the hub.

If you want to open multiple serial monitors I find it easier to use another terminal software

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