Can I use multiple input capture interrupts on arduino UNO?

I am currently using a input capture interrupt to calculate the pulse width of a signal from an RC receiver and getting satisfactory results.

I need to calculate pulse widths of 3 signals simultaneously. Looking at the pin diagram of UNO ICP1 exists only on D8 pin which leads me into thinking that I can only use 1 input capture interrupt, on pin D8.

Is there any way to use more than 1 on different digital pins or do I have to opt for pin Change Interrupts?

What is a UNO ICP1? A normal Uno has two interrupt pins on pins 2&3.

Then there is the pin change interrupt which can use many pins as interrupts. However software serial also uses this feature so you can’t use both unless you rewrite part of the software serial library.

Only timer 1 seems to support input capture on an Uno. The bigger Mega controller supports more timers with multiple capture facilities.

You could add a data selector and route each signal to the ICP pin one at a time. Not saying it'll work for you but it's doable.

If it is possible to tap the receiver before the demultiplexer, you’d only need one pin.

This was easier in the Olden DaysTM before single chip receivers.

Is an RC receiver pulse so short that you actually need ICP to capture it? Can you not use level triggered pins with interrupts?