Can i use reducer gear with stepper motor?

i wanna use reducer gear to get more turque on stepper moter
so i search for reducer gear on the internet
but most product of motor are dc motor not stepper motor
i wonder it is possible to use reducer gear with stepper motor
additionally why are most product dc motor?

Yes, you can use a reducer gear with a stepper. In fact you can buy steppers with the gearbox built in.

Keep in mind that individual gearboxes are custom engineered and manufactured items, so the purchase options are limited.

thank you


Note the 1 degree backlash, which introduces a problem normally avoided by using stepper motors.

You can reduce backlash to a minimum amount by using rubber cog belts and matching gears. Might take up a bit more room, physically, than metal gears. You can also reduce backlash by using bevel toothed gears, as they stay meshed for a longer time while rotating.

Steppers definitely have backlash. Perhaps not in the way you think, but if the load has friction the position error depends on the direction of rotation, which I'd call backlash. But you can place bounds on the backlash as it has to be less than 2 steps or the thing would be miss-stepping completely.