Can I use RX and TX on an ESP-1 as GPIO-4 and GPIO-5?

I am trying to use a ESP8266 (ESP-1) to get the time from a NTP server and set the time on a RTC-DS3231.

The example code that I found is using a ESP-12 which has about 14 GPIOs and the pins used are GPIO-4 and GPIO-5. I have several ESP-1 in my box and I was hoping to use one of those for my project. Is it possible to use the RX and TX on the ESP-1 to connect to the SCL and SDA of the RTC module?

Yes, but then you can't use Serial without assigning it to other pins.

It may also cause problems uploading new code. Best to unplug when uploading.

Ok, thanks. I'll try it and see what happens.

Wire.begin(sda, scl) so Wire.begin(1, 3)

Thanks Juraj.