Can i use sketch for computer ??


I need to establish master slave connection between Computer and Arduino....... i have coded in C# for computer serial communication .... I am struck at thinking of whether Sketch can be used in computer to control slave arduino...... can anyone clarify by silly doubt??

Yes anything that can talk to the serial port can talk to the arduino.

hi Grumpy_mike,

Thanks for your reply.....If i use Sketch ...... How can i run it.....means if i use upload it will just transfer program right?...

No. To communicate with a computer you need to run two sketches. One on the arduino and one on the PC. The Arduino one has to be in C the one on the PC can be in any language you can run on the PC.

Processing is an Arduino-like programming environment that runs on the PC. See

Actually, it's really the other way around. Arduino is a Processing-like programming environment. There is no chicken-egg debate there. Processing came first, Arduino emulated it.

There's also no reason you couldn't write a C# app to communicate with your Arduino as well. I've done so several times.

thanks all for your replies