Can i use the LSC-24 with the PS2 Controller without "action groups"?

Hi everyone.

i am trying to build my own little robot. I thought it would be a good idea to buy the LSC-24 Servo controller from Hiwonder with the included PS2 controller and RX module....

The Servo controller shield can store "action groups" which are as flexible as an anvil and will not be used in my programm.

i found the documentation for the shield to run the servos from my arduino. so that should work...

i haven't found any documentation for using the PS2 Controller to control anything but the "action groups".
the only stuff i could find is which button starts which preset group / action.

does anybody know if and how i can change that ?

i need the analog readings of the joysticks and couple of buttons.

thanks for the help.

(Link to the documentation: ,DROPBOX Link
[yes..., it is stored in a dropbox... thats the official download ...]