Can I use the programmed chip?

After I’ve done all the programming and testing with arduino board. What should I do to take off the microchip and use it in my project, on my board? Should I just follow the data sheet then? :-?

You will ned a few components, the 16MHz crystal for the clock and a couple of capacitors and the resetswitch.
And of course a well regulated power supply.

Heres a how to from the playground :
It’s for the Atmega 8 but i believe that it’s valid for the 168 as well

This link:
might be interesting if you want to be able to reprogram the processor outside the Arduino board.


Here’s another example, fewer components and two 168’s sharing the same resonator - the circuit works fine with one IC.

You’d need to add a 5v regulator if you don’t have a mini USB.

Here’s another link you might find useful.

Thanks, that’s what I was looking for! :wink: