Can I use these motors?

As in the picture I would like to control the stepper mototiri DC 4A with Arduino
a type of engine is a 4-wire, while the other 8 wires.
In addition to arduni pinout that I need?
How many of these motors can be controlled separately but at the same time?

Thank you for your attention


1a.jpg 1.8 MB #! 4cR0yQpI! KsYcB_gTIX-LkFaRIo78aGV9-19VURihHyvBDIXcqQw
1b.jpg 2.0 MB #! UNIlDRaC! iBDMFjS9gQFBG2djElfAXVJ4mJ2oq93UcvKWqFUNI9I
2a.jpg 1.4 MB #! VMxgFJ5Z! Nhvz7MVySXhSAWgW3fpJfkceOL9WUcJjZEeXvpmCk9g
2b.jpg 1.5 MB #! FRAU0LzT! 4v6PbRAc-42JuwYzclfHP1Z6uyNTM0SxgdMIfs_4JjQ


Photos of the motors are no value. You need to post links to their specifications.

For every motor you will need a suitable stepper motor driver board to interface between it and the Arduino. For motors that only need about 1amp of current the Pololu A4988 driver board would be suitable and their website gives good information about how stepper driver boards are used.

You should have no problem controlling 4 or 5 motors from an Arduino Uno.


Besides that crummy site refuses to serve the images to my browser - use the
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I cannot open the links.

the basics. a stepper motor needs to do a minimum of 4 steps. if you bit-ban them, that means 4 pins.
if you have a stepper driver, you can send out a step signal that will determine speed or frequency and number of steps. a second signal will determine direction. that means only 2 pins per motor.

yet another way is to control them serially. although I have not seen any serial input stepper drivers in the hobby arena, but I am sure someone has them. that means you are only limited on how fast you can output signals to them.

here are 1,218 being controlled by some form of controller. my bet is that it is not one arduino.

This baby will drive nearly any stepper:

His little brother:

I use both of these on my CNC router, and they are excellent.