Can I use this relay?

Can I use the arduino gpio pins to control a SSR 100 DA; And use the relay to control let's say a phone charger, and sometimes a lamp? Or it wouldn't work because the 100amp relay would be overkill for this application? Thank you so much for your Help

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Can you please post link to specs/data of the SSR.

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Yes. There is a link:{"sku_id"%3A"66134336675"}

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You have a choice, SSR 60DA.
I says it will do down to 24Vac.
It is an AliExpress and that brand does not have a good reputation for sticking to its specs.
The specs do not quote an input current.

Also being a light load such as a phone charger it may not switch.

I avoid those sort of components from Ali and Banggood.

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Thank you a lot for the help! Could you give me advice on where I should buy them? I have never purchased a component on a website other than ebay or aliexpress

Yes. You can drive practically any SSR from the Arduino digital pins. Basically, you are just lighting an LED. Here is a simplified drawing (missing the zero-crossover detector)

Many manufacturers make the SSR series of solid state relays and you can find them on Amazon. BTW, Banggood and AliExpress don't "make" anything. They are just online stores like Amazon. Who doesn't "make" anything either.

I've spent hundreds of dollars at Banggood over the years, and other than little or no documentation, I've never been disappointed. (It is a low bar, however.)

So, yes you can buy an SSR through Amazon, but the odds are quite certain that it will be manufactured in China.

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Amazing answer. Thanks a lot SteveMann! I will mark this thread as resolved.

Amazon sellers basically resell stuff from china at a big margin. Fuck Amazon. I prefer to wait for a month but pay 10$ an item + 5$ shipping; rather than spend 30 bucks on amazon and have my item in a week

The vast majority of stuff - components if not complete appliances - is now made in China FBOW. So that is hardly surprising, the shop down the street does precisely this.

What makes a difference is Quality Control - which necessarily means taking responsibility for the products sourced and sold.

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This is one of the reasons I use Amazon. If something is not as described or simply DOA, Amazon takes it back- no questions, no arguments. For me, there is a Whole Foods nearby with an Amazon return counter. I just put the part back into it's original container and take it to the counter for an instant refund to my credit card.

I don't mind the wait when I am restocking my kit- like buying 5 or 10 Wemos D1 Mini boards.

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Guys I agree with you, But everything I purchase on amazon is expensive stuff, for example on amazon I would buy a laptop or a drawing tablet. But the problem is that they can ban your account if you return too much stuff. I would mind abusing their return system for a 20$ package. I only return stuff when it is expensive. And for the liability reasons, wich I understand, I ended up buying theses: Also I may add that I never had a problem being refunded on aliexpress. To date I was refund a defective soldering Iron, after I sent a video proof

Steve did you draw that ssr diagram?- if so, what tool did you use, it's very good.

I copied it online with a little cleanup in Photoshop. If I were to draw it myself, I would use Photoshop.

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