Can I use transistor instead of powerboost?

I am new to arduino and currently trying to use led strip in my project. I have to turn 5v into 12v, and according to manual I have to use Adafruit powerboost 1000 but it is a bit expensive for me. And I know powerboost is a module that boost up voltage. So can I use transistor instead of it?

try this- XL6009 DC- DC.

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What kind of led strip; how many leds and how much current will it draw? Are these WS2812 addressable RGB leds or plain single-color leds? How do you intend to control the leds from your Arduino? What are you using for a power supply to your project?

Might be a viable option IF the power supply is sufficient for the total led dissipation - which we don't know yet.


I am going to make it wireless using battery packs and 1 meter long 5V Rgb LED strip

5V Rgb LED strip

What is the 12V for?

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Are you asking if you can use a Transistor to turn 5V into 12V? No, you cannot. I would use a 12V battery fo the LEDs, and a 5V supply for the Arduino, using a common ground between them.

So far, no apparent need at all for 12 V. :astonished:

Please do not be telling us you want to use it to power an Arduino because you hallucinate that it requires 12 V!


What sort of battery packs do you anticipate using to provide exactly 5 V?

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