Can I use two Arduino Motor shields on top of one Arduino Uno?

Hello fellow Arduino community,

Some friends and me are trying to build a selfbalancing BB-8 like robot and are currently on the lookout for motor controller boards to drive our 4 DC Motors.

Our question now is, wheter or not we can stack two arduino motor shields on top of the arduino uno and each other?
We could not find a suitable motor controller with 4 channels.
How would you solve this problem? We would appreciate any idea :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help in advance :slight_smile:

Can't see why not? Or if you don't mind some soldering, make your own shield and put 4 of these on it: BD65496MUV. I just bought some for running 3 x 6V motors off a 7.5v RC battery, tested well: no heat, easy to wire: PWM for speed and digital for forward/reverse. About 1cm x 1cm so no problems fitting four on a regular sized shield

Can't see why not?

I can: they'll both be using the same pins.

But unless you're married to the idea of using a 298 based solution, the more modern modules from Pololu as SiDawg suggests are a very good idea.