can i use USBcamera?

is there anyway to connect arduino to USBcamera? thx

Coos, there are two things here, that are quite different:

One is controlling cameras over USB, typically medium-to-high-end digital cameras.

Second is connecting a typical small Webcam etc, which is a camera that connects Via USB to a host computer.

Using Arduino as a USB "HOST" is complicated. There are some shields here: But there is a lot of work to be done to provide libraries for the many different USB devices that are out there!

And if you start here: you will see some work on "One", above..

It WOULD be great to be able to connect simple and cheap "USB Cameras" to Arduino. But the data handling, except possibly frame-by-frame is likely out of Arduino's capabilities.

Anyone else have opinions on this? Other possibilities??

thanks for reply! if i use bluetooth , arduino receive video data, then send it to my computer with bluetooth. so arduino's work is receive and send,the control work is post to computer. can it be do?

As far as I know, people have only handled some still images with Arduino itself. Live video is LOTS of data...

Some people / robots have used Arduino to control and point a video camera which sent the video by wireless (2.4GHz?) to a receiver on the PC.

Anyone else know about this???

maybe you said is IPCAMERA, it can send data by it own wireless