can i write to a excel sheet using arduino and SD card module ?

i want to write details to a excel sheet in a SD card is it possible ,if possible a sample code to demonstrate pls....

You can easily create a CSV file which Excel can read.
eg create a file called xxx.csv in notepad and enter something like this :-

Time, Sensor1, Sensor2
18:15.35, 128, 189
18:15.36, 128, 195
18:15.37, 135, 195

Double click on that, and it will open in Excel. You can use the same theory to create your file using Arduino.

A snippet might be...

SD.println("Time, Sensor1, Sensor2");

I am sure you get the concept.



You can also send the data direct to older versions of Excel using PLX-DAQ. No SD needed, and no clock either, as Excel does the timestamping using the PC clock. This also allows you to have live graphs, and Excel makes the xls file.

Or you could write an XML- file, that can be opened with Excel.