Can it be done?

Hey all, I am new on this forum and truth be told I'm only here to ask a question. I recently purchased an 8 pod set of rgb led rock lights for my jeep. They are ran through Bluetooth. Picture enclosed for reference. The app they had me download to run these lights is horrible. Imagiclight is the name of the app. I was wondering is there a way to get a different app to work with these lights? For example bledim. It will pick up my lights when I search but it doesn't let me control them. I came to this sight because no matter what I googled to find my answer it brought this website up. I'm pretty good at understanding things and following directions so any input or advice or instructions to make another app work I'm all ears. Thanks in advance.

Hello, If the new app you downloaded connects to your lights like you say, then the problem probably exists with the data the app sends over Bluetooth. The receiver is looking for a specific order of data, or 'keyword'. For example, the receiver is looking for "Red light on" to turn on the red light, but your new app could be sending data the receiver doesn't understand. If there is any way to fix this you would have to reverse engineer both apps, and see what kind of data is being transmitted. Or you could attempt to create your own app. Both of which are out of my experience level. Goodluck, Mike.

Google Bluetooth capture. You can capture and analyze packets with software like wire shark and kismet. After you've identified what packets are needed it's just a matter of writing another app.