Can l293d give power to mq sensors

Mt motorshield was working fine until I uploaded gas sensor code along with the motor part. Suddenly my uno and motor shield has fried. Can anyone tell me if I can give power to sensors from motorshield

If you post a complete circuit diagram and full details of the all components you have together with the code you are using we may be able to answer.

It's difficult to imagine why there would be any connection at all between an L293D motor shield and any of the many MQ series gas sensors.


Okay can you tell me a good tool to draw a sketch.Sorry I'm new to this. I connected mq sensor to pins on motorshield that Ican get by soldering headers.

Pencil and paper work well for drawing. Post a photo of the drawing.

Keep in mind that there is no good reason to use a motor driver for MQ sensors.

I bought a new motor shield and now its fine. But I think there is a issue with my code. when I give command to motors it doesnt stop as soon as I release the button. It was working fine before I combined gas sensor code with it. Can you take a look at it.