Can louder speaker affect my other electronics? Volume stopping my device...

So I have this strange issue and I don't know where to turn to get help. I have a system that when the volume is set to 4 by firmware the sensors( IR sensors) aren't as responsive ( have delay in receiving signals) but when I turn volume to 2 the sensors receive signal perfectly with no delay. Could the volume of the speaker be affecting the receiving of IR signal? I m not a expert so please make it simple as possible. Plus this is not arduino board but I imagine it is a general electronics issue. :frowning:

Sounds like lack of power supply decoupling. Add extra capacitors across the supply.
Or it could be you need a power supply with more current capability.

Could I add “Use a 220 uF to start” up to perhaps 1000/1500 uF total in parallel. Then replace whatever the “Sweet” value with a single value equaling the test values… At some added value it will make little difference and at that point… Is time for a higher current supply, Amps. Not Volts.