Can MKR1000 write/read RFID cards?

Hi everyone,

I'm new in Arduino and I purchased MKR1000 and RC522 to do some test with RFID.

I've been googleing to find out how can I read/write RFID cards but all the examples I've found are made with Aruino UNO. I tried to copy the code, libraries and component connection but I'm not able to run it. When I try to write/read RFID card nothing appears in the serial monitor, my system don't detect if a card is present.

Another problem I found is the incompatibility with MFRC522 library... This message appears when I try to compile using MFRC522 library:

WARNING: library MFRC522 claims to run on [avr architecture(s) and may be incompatible with your current board which runs on STM32F1] architecture(s).

I'm using RFID library right now.

Has someone had the same problem? How can I read/write RFID cards with MKR1000 and RC522?

Thank you.

I have extensively used parallax devices and they have a read only and a read/write versions at this link.

and there are some sketches at