Can Nano be powered with 850mA charger?


I have an Arduino Nano board, if I power it through an 5V 850mA USB smartphone charger will it damage the Arduino Nano?

No, it will not damage the Arduino Nano.
You want to power the Arduino Nano via the USB connector ? That is a very good way to power it. No problem at all.

You can compare it with a light bulb. You have a 220V, 60W light bulb; that's roughly 250mA. The group is fused with 16A. Does your light bulb blow because of the supply can deliver 16A?

Your Arduino draws current (just like the light bulb); as long as it's less than the power supply can deliver, you're OK. If the Arduino draws more current than the power supply can deliver, you can damage the power supply (similar to blowing the fuse in your house).

Thanks Koepel and sterretje! :smiley: