Can not access yun homepage from browser


I recently downloaded openwrt-yun source code and build image successfully, flashed into my yun by run-sysupgrade command. Now I am trying to go to arduino homepage to configure wifi access point by typing or http://arduino.local but browser says no such files or directory (basically browser expands to I can ssh into arduino fine by connecting my laptop to arduino access point and can not see cgi-bin/luci/webpanel/homepage at www directory, thinking this might be the issue. Can any one please help me in this?

I downloaded source code from

Thanks, Best Regards, Dipen Patel

Maybe you didn't build the webpanel package. Try to run

make menuconfig

before running the build process, and check if the webpanel package is selected.

Hi Angelo9999,

Thanks for the reply. It seems link for the luci from the feeds default conf file is not working and hence not able to access homepage. I manually downloaded it from​ and created links from the contrib/packages/* into package directory to make it available in make menuconfig. Now it works for me.

Thanks, Best Regards, Dipen Patel

Thank you for pointing it out.

Can you please open a Github issue about this problem so we can track and fix it?

Thanks again