Can not access Yun on URL . only IP - Have opened Port 5353?

I found this old thread ( LINK) - this is exactly the issue I am having. I can not access the Yun at http://linino.local - I am on Win 10 and added the rule to the Firewall for port 5353 , UDP.

Did a restart - still no luck.

I can get to the Yun via IP address - ... I can pass commands like "" to turn LED13 on/off.

Still - I will need to open this port on any device I want to access the Yun from? This does not seem to practical, or am I missing something?

pfhandwaver: I found this old thread ( LINK)

I see no link there.

Opening that port is not the first step to resolving your issue. Personally, I've never had to resort to that.

You are able to access the Yun using its IP address, so that shows the network communications is working. The problem is resolving the name linino.local to an IP address. That is done using mDNS which is not normally supported by Windows. You need to install some software, the most common of which is Apple's Bonjour. This is installed automatically when you install certain Apple products like iTunes, but it can be installed separately. Do a search for Bonjour Print Services, and install that.

Oops - forgot to go an make the LINK

OK - this still seems odd ( needing to load software), and really then the YUN only works as a novelty, not something that can be shared - for example any device on the wifi.

I guess I could build an intranet pagepage to a seperate computer and have it send out commands to the IP address? -- but then I can just us a Pi for the while thing.

Next issue - the Yun turns off it's WiFi after some time (no white light) - also killing my use idea where I would need 24/7 wifi access. I noticed the WiFi was off the last two or three times I left it alone for a few days, but now I can confirm is turned off in less than 24 hours. -- On a dedicated USB type wallwart