Can not Browse Arduino web server

  1. I set the IP manually in my computer network adapter setting
  2. I use the default code in arduino software for web server

in windows command prompt this ip reply to me with ping (ping

when I type the "" in my browser, I can not see any thing. in Google Chrome I get this message:

"The page isn’t working"
" didn’t send any data."

please help me ASAP

I just tried the example sketch and it works fine. Are you certain the IP is unique and within the IP address range of the localnet?

Yes I am sure, IP is unique

What is the IP of the computer you are using for this test?

I have 1 network adapter and I connect it to arduino shield and set the static ip to

The IP for the shield is192.168.1.100. What is the IP of the computer?

I got the problem
there was a connection between ICMP and card reader.

thanks for your attention