Can not open the Arduino 1.5.3

Hi, Guys?
I set up 1.0.5 in my PC, and now I set up 1.5.3 into my PC today, but 1.5.3 cannot launch, and 1.0.5 is OK. Does anyone know why cause that?

What are the folder names and paths?

1.0.5 put in D:\Program Files\Arduino and 1.5.3 in E:\Program Files\Arduino? still can't launch 1.5.3, but 1.0.5 is Ok

The second IDE tries to share some information with the first IDE,
like the path to your own Examples folders. I put the
...\arduino-1.5.3\ folder right next to the other IDE folder,
both on the same disc. If you have space, try that?

next to

Also, do not change the names of the folders, use names like the above.
Cheers, Gary


is the problem still present with 1.5.4? may you give it a try?