Can not upload using Web Editor. But it is possible with IDE.

When uploading using Web Editor, uploading is not possible. However if use IDE, upload is possible.

I've allowed apps on firewalls or anti-virus.

Why can not upload using web editor?

Please provide a detailed description of the problem with uploading using the Arduino Web Editor, including the full text of any error messages you're getting.

Hi All of a sudden today I could no longer upload anything to an arduino from the web editor. Worked fine yesterday. No errors presenting, it just doesn't finish uploading and will just remain 'busy' until I stop it, I tried all random sketches I've written in the past but nothing would upload. So I tried the IDE and works no problems.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

emacjake, please specify what board you use. Do you have an USB connection?


using an UNO and yep, USB connection, i'll add that i have pretty limited knowledge.

Thanks for the respone.


With limited knowledge you might want to use the sticky posts at the top of this section to help troubleshoot any known issues and eliminate those.

Eg USB 3.0 wrong type of cable etc etc. We dont care if its a clone or not just so long as we can help you get going.


Thanks all,

Not sure what was happening, literally changed nothing, just came back to it a few hours later all was good.

Thanks Again