can NRF24L01 wireless tranciever pins be changed.

I'm building a small ROV that will carry a gopro on a stick. At this stage I anticipate having to build a bigger version so this unit is more of an fesability experiment.

Anyway I have a motor shield to drive 4 motors that uses almost all the UNO's digital pins. The wireless tranciever module I'm looking to utilise also uses some of the same pins. And yet I have all the analog pins currently avaliable as well as the ICSP programming header. My question is can I change the digital pins on the arduino for the 2.4GHZ wireless tranciever module that uses the NRF20L01 chipset.


On an Uno the SPI pins Mosi, Miso and SCK are fixed - pins 11, 12 and 13. If the Uno is to be an SPI Master pin 10 must be used an OUTPUT but it does not have to be used for anything to do with SPI.

For an nRF24L01+ you also need two other pins for CE and CSN - but they can be any convenient pins.

You may need to consider using a Mega which has many more I/O pins - and / or use separate motor drivers that give more flexibility about which pins to use.

Note also that the SPI pins are different on a Mega so that pins 11, 12 and 13 can be used for regular stuff.