Can only Drive 1 Servo with Mega?

I have two Continuous Rotation Servos. I am powering them with 2AA batteries. They are connected to pins 10 and 11

When I plug both servos into the Arduino (Mega) only the servo connected to pin 11 runs. When I remove the servo from Pin 11, the one on Pin 10 runs, and the one on Pin 11 stops running! I want both of them to run at the same time!

Why is this happening???

Please help!

#include <Servo.h>

Servo Left;
Servo Right;

void setup() {



void loop() {

Which model servo?
Most of my RC hobby servos need more than 3v.

Mega's can't supply enough current to power two servos, as you are finding out. Get another supply.

Now Im having a new problem. I have two Micro Servos. One is "Pan" and one is "Tilt" the "Tilt" servo keeps jittering around, even when it's not being written to. I'm using the standard Servo.h library. The Tilt servo is also getting very hot.