can PIR sensor detect someone while it is moving

Hi I am thinking of making a car which has a PIR sensor. This acts like a security guard. I want to know will PIR sensor detect People only while moving or not. If it will detect other objects then plz tell me whats sesnro is suitable.

PIR sensors detect differences in heat, so another car with a warm engine might be detected as a people. :slight_smile:

i am not making any other car i just want to know if a pir sensor will set off the alarm while moving when tho there is no person

It detects movements of objects that are warmer than their environment.

A person sitting still (or moving really slowly) is not detected. The neighbour's cat running by, is.

A standard PIR sensor on a moving vehicle will be useless, triggering constantly as it will see a constantly
changing scene and thus constantly trigger.

They are only sensitive to changes in the distribution of heat in the field of view - change the field of view
and it sees change (unless everything is cold in the field of view).