Can program but cannot communicate with Arduino

So after some accident I touched GND to 5V, and now it seems to do this. I can still pickup Serial.write('stuff') on computer Terminal, but no way does arduino respond to (or, whatever I send from PC). I can't see Rx LED turning on neither... what to do :S?

Pass or fail?

Interesting, it passed. This means atmega8u2 chip (aka serial chip) is working... But, AVR also does respond to programing. What the heck?

What the fu*c, it works normaly now. Also, the older board also works for which I thought it was gonner. ]:slight_smile: ]:slight_smile: :grin: :grin:
Looks like time curred it or something... phhh?? Thanks dude, you just got my two boards back with that Loop back test (more like fix)...