Can PWM switch a MOFSET or BUF654 fast enough to control a large 12v DC motor?

Windshield wiper motor actually. I am using it to power an oil pump (power steering pump) to maintain pressure.

I purchased a DC PWM online (I was under the impression it was compatible) but it uses a 5v pot to generate its own PWM. I don't know how to substitute the pot with Arduino input. I get no continuity between it's ground and the main. The schematic is not available.

Can I use Arduino's onboard PWM to switch a transistor such as a MOFSET or BUF654 quick enough to get the same effect on the motor's speed control?

An Arduino output pin can supply only 40 mA [u]absolute maximum[/u] gate drive (20 mA to be completely safe). Be sure to select a logic level MOSFET.

If you need more than that, use a MOSFET driver chip.

According to the datasheet, a BUF654 needs 1Amp base current for 4Amp motor current. Totally unsuitable to drive from an Arduino pin.

You need a LOGIC level mosfet, and a suitable schottky diode across the motor. Leo..