Can read IR Code but how to read and output it now

hello forum

I used this tutorial and it seems to run nicely - there is input when i press buttons and i get 127 lines as feedback

starting: Bit stream detected! 0 0 2484 0 2484 1 2988 1 ... full file here

my question is now - i have on pin 12 a IR-Led attached - how can i convert this values into the LED On/Off values

I am still using Atmega8-16PU Arduino - therefor I cannot use this IRremote Library

The only thing i need is to switch on and off a projector thats it

I hope someone can help me before I go insean :)


New idea and still not working

  1. I connected the IR Receiver with the 5 Volt Power Supply to my Line-In and recorded the IR code with Audacity

  2. I connected the line-out from my soundcard to a digital Pin (input) and an IR-Led on another digital Pin (output)

  3. now my idea was - when there a digital in 1 is read - coming from the soundcard - I amplified the signal so that a 1 is received as 1 - I checked that with debugging it with the serial-monitor

but it is not working at all - why?

here the PDE Code

int ir = 12; int rec = 3; int val = 0;

void setup() {

pinMode(ir, OUTPUT); pinMode(rec, INPUT); Serial.begin(9600); }

void loop() { val = digitalRead(rec); // read the input pin digitalWrite(ir, val); Serial.println(val); }

Thanks for any help

but it is not working at all - why?


I checked that with debugging it with the serial-monitor

The serial print takes so long to perform that you are missing pulses coming in from the IR receiver.


thanks i tried it now without the serial.println()

I am still recording the IR-sound with audacity and than output it on the LED.

I send the data directly to the pin so i dont have any delay or anything digitalWrite(ir, digitalRead(rec));

but still it is not really working. If I use the IR-Receiver on the Input-Pin (where normally the sound comes in) and I only point the remote control to the IR-receiver, than it works.

But this doesnt help me because I need to send it without the remote

any recording, amplify, normalize tips for audacity?


If you want any IR remote signal to activate it (every button on the tv remote, or any IR LED) then you can connect the Data line from the IR sensor to an analog pin, and use analogRead to see when it changes, then use an 'if statement' to respond to a change


my problem is - i have to switch on and off a Chrisitie projector which has a defect RS232. The projector is on a small tower and I am super scared of heights :) and its already super cold and the projector has to be switched off at 12 oClock at night everyday and switched on again at 14 oclock

I use MaxMsp to load and play the files which works perfectly fine but now I would like to have an arduino to switch this projector on and off when it receives something from max.

My idea was to record the sound with Audacity and save it and at a certain Time I play the sound from Max/Msp and it shuts down the projector and the same thing again to switch it on.

I recorded the sound - I amplified it so the line-out send to arduino a 1 and connect as managed the IR-LED to the board.

No Result sofar --

Now I bought a new Arduino so i can load the IRremote library and try it with this but I only get this from the IRremote.dumpster

44BDF628 Unknown, encoding:, 44BDF628, (32, bits) Raw, (10):, -3270, 350, -300, 1350, -300, 950, -300, 550, -300, 3050

if I want to send it with

unsigned int powerOn2[10] = {-3270, 350, -300, 1350, -300, 950, -300, 550, -300, 3050};



also no result

any ideas?

thanks a lot

This guy used the RecvDump, But since you just want to turn something on, couldn't you send any IR signal? You could flash an IR LED three times, and have the other program listen for that. Or, run a wire up the tower.