Can Software Serial be used with 3 devices?

Is it possible to use the Software Serial Library with 3 devices on an Arduino Uno?
(This excludes the Hardware Serial port on D0+D1)

The parts for the project will arrive in the next two weeks but I thought I'd just ask the question. The project involves having 3 RS485 connections.

I know the library has some limitations like receiving and transmitting at the same time. This is not an issue as the Arduino Running the 3 Software Serials will act as an Master sending 1 request at a time and then waiting for a reply.

Just did a search and another option is to use a SPI/I2C to UART converter if the above is not doable.,112/568-4016-5-ND/1158199

Any help would be appreciated... Thanks.

It will probably save you time, money and headaches to get an Arduino Mega which has four serial ports.

how you describe the master behavior it should work.

My experience with SW serial is that baud rates above 57600 (38400) drop bits and are therefore not reliable.
And be aware that SWS receive is blocking .

The Mega is a good idea, but the SWS has a higher learn factor :wink: