Can softwareserial.h can be used for both fingerprint sensor and esp8266 ?

I am using UART to communicate to my fingerprint sensor, also an ESP8266 module and i have to connect GPS also , so will it be possible to interface all the sensor modules together on single arduino uno or arduino mega ???

also i am newbie so have no idea how to combine codes or code optimization

THE MAIN IDEA is that i want to make an iot enabled attendance system using ESP8266, arduino and GPS neo 6m, so any one to guide??

On a Mega there are 4 HardwareSerial ports available, and since you only need 3 you even have 1 to spare (maybe for debugging via the Serial monitor) on an UNO there is 1 HardwareSerial port, but you can use SoftwareSerial to create extra port, though speed will be limited and more than 1 SoftwareSerial can only be used alternatingly. There is the option of using AltSoftSerial, still chances multiple SoftwareSerial ports will interfere with each other.

ALso can u suggest me from where to learn some programming basics and other pre requisites???

There is a lot of information in the examples that come with the Arduino IDE, but for a more general introduction to programming there are many books to choose from, for instance C++ for dummies.