can some one make me a song coding

i need some song coding any song coding you got and i need some new coding for a song from legend of zelda this is the song : lost woods please make it for me please for arduino uno

You can get my Arduino music player and some Zelda tune for playback on Arduino Uno.

Cheers, Jarkko

How do I get it to play the song and the coding

Run a mod file through the PMF converter and embed the generated PMF file to the .ino file. On the HW side, you need to setup resistor DAC to Arduino pins 0-7.

Cheers, Jarkko

sorry i don’t understand i am a newbie at this i just got my arduino and finish the usk guide

i know some code not much and got most of the wiring down sorry

Google for "resistor DAC"

Cheers, Jarkko