Can some one write a program for me.

Can someone write a program for me that will count the number of times a button is pressed in 60 seconds. Displayed on a lcd shield. This a small part of of a school project. I tried to program this for a week. I am out of time and desperate . Thank you Email

Are you offering anything in return?

Which lcd shield, will switch debouncing be in hardware or software?

you must do your homework alone ;) anyway post the code so we can know what you tried before, and where is your problem spam and ?! lol

Does one get your mark if they right write your sketch ;)

Maybe you are closer than you think, show us what you have done.


Should have just worked the "I had a stroke" angle.

Should have just worked the "I had a stroke" angle.

You know, I was impressed with the truthfulness when I read the first post.

OP Show your code, I am sure you are close if you have been working on this for a week.