Can someone help me combine theses two pieces of code?

I have these two pieces of code. the first piece of code is for a bluetooth application which sends a byte to the ardunio which moves a servo. The second piece of code is one which turns a servo once a fingerprint is scanned using a kookye fingerprint scanner.

servocode.ino (902 Bytes)


What should the combined program do? Where is your attempt to combine them?

the program should
turn the motor when it recieves instructions from the bluetooth app
and it should turn the motor when a correct fingerprint is scanned.
i used a kookye fingerprint scanned which came with a libraries

So make an attempt at doing the combining and post that here. Then if it doesn't work as you want it to we'll help you to fix it. But we're not just going to do all the work for you.

Reading Merging Code should help.