Can someone help me get started?

My Arduino Uno is out of the box. The IDE software has been installed and I have tried to launch "Blink" as a trial programme. No luck. I suppose this was because I used a resistor and a LED rather than the built in LED, and I didn't know how to edit the programming.
OK, so I unplugged the LED and tried the basic version, but again a failure. An error message told me something hadn't been "#declared" and the sketch wasn't valid.
I copied an official programme from 'Arduino' and pasted that in place. This time it didn't work because there was some error connecting with USB COM4. I checked my PC and changed a USB port name to COM4, but still no connection. I thought that Arduino programming was supposed to be simple !
Can someone set me straight please. Thanks.

This is your first error :sweat_smile:

Same problem with Arduino tutorial book; check where the variable is declared

Piece of cake if you know c/c++

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It is simple if you don't stray too far from the examples.

It is, after you get your first sketch running.
First, follow the sticky post on "How to get the most from this forum" and post your sketch, and the error messages using code tags.

The example sketches should work without any modification. That's where you start. If you want to modify the sketch, get the unmodified example working first.

Welcome to the world of windows! Restart windows and start from scratch. On the side the blink sketch should have been installed in your Uno when you purchased it and when connected to power the LED should have been blinking.

Thanks for your replies and suggestions.
Sorry, but I'm not familiar with C or C++. I used to programme with Fortran, Basic and Unix, but by the names I have listed you can tell that was years ago.
The example sketches aren't working, and that's the problem. Not even the simple "Blink" sketch. The format is accepted, but there's always an error when uploading. No, the Arduino Uno didn't come equipped with "Blink" already installed.
Incidentally, where do I find that sticky post you mentioned Steve ?

The sticky is literally in the stickies on almost every forum section, for example Installation and Troubleshooting. BTW this topic belongs to that section by the look of it @moderator

OK, problem over. The programme is running on my laptop. I don't know why there's a blockage with my PC, but I'll sort this out later. At the moment the Arduino is working correctly and uploading as it should to a laptop.
Thanks again for your help and suggestions, things are working now.........

Good News, Unix was written in "B". The successor to the programming language B was called "C", which was was originally developed at Bell Labs by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 and 1973 which was used to construct many of the utilities running on Unix.

So why wasn't C++ called "D"?
Shouldn't Basic have been called "Bapsic"? It is supposed to be "Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code".

C "plüss plüss" sounds nicer :nerd_face:

Thanks for the info gilshultz. Just some teething troubles. I'm back on my feet and getting to grips with the code; you can obviously see that it's been some while since I was doing this kinda stuff.

That makes two of us. I use Linux for 99% of what I do. I really like the ability to have more than one workspace, currently I typically have 8 running on several machines. It is really nice when I have more then one arduino connected especially when working with networking.

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