Can Someone Help me with the Program'???

Good day!! We are having a problem in our Thesis project because we don't have any programming background. We are currently having a thesis project entitled "WEB-Based Lighting Control". We used Arduino Uno and its Ethernet Shield, and relays as triggering device... We somehow got our idea from (Arduino Web Switch : Turn your kettle ON via Internet | Thanks to Him.. We no longer used the sensor shield because we used light bulbs only rather than any devices.. The problem is we used 5 light bulbs as an output. In his project he used only the Kettle.. The 5 light bulbs will be turned on and off by the use of relay just like in Arduino Web Switch : Turn your kettle ON via Internet | There should be 5 different command buttons in the web (in his project there is only 1 for the kettle to turn on and off)... Could someone help us in the code'? We really cannot proceed because of this code... Though he p[resented his code their but still I cannot understand it.. I highly appreciated any help and ideas coming from you Guys.. Thank You Very Much and Godbless....

Sounds similar to:

yes actually that was my 1st post before.... :slight_smile: I just need to modify that code to make 5 buttons in the web server,,, but I don't know how.... Really don't have any background in Programming... :slight_smile:

Really don’t have any background in Programming… :slight_smile:

So what made you pick a thesis in a topic you know nothing about. Will you be graduating in that?

Here's the important bit of the code that needs to be expanded:

        if (cmd==2 || cmd==5){
                digitalWrite(RELAY_PIN, HIGH);  // switch on LED
                Serial.println("Turning LED ON");
        else if (cmd==3 || cmd==4 ){
        	digitalWrite(RELAY_PIN, LOW);  // switch off LED
                Serial.println("Turning LED OFF");

Define your control codes, make "on_off" an array, and make an array of the same size for the relay pins.
Don't forget to initialise all the relay pins to be outputs.

So, not only are you plagiarising somebody else's work, but you can't even understand it? What makes you think you deserve any academic credit for it?

To be fair to the OP, the thesis may have nothing to do with programming.

For example, you might be doing a thesis on the migration habits of salmon, but not know much about how to repair a boat engine.

For example, you might be doing a thesis on the migration habits of salmon, but not know much about how to repair a boat engine.

But, you would not be demonstrating your ability to repair a boat engine as part of the thesis. This thesis topic does indicate that programming will be a rather important part of the project.

Given that the title is "WEB-Based Lighting Control" it seems pretty clear to me that the solution being presented will consist of a significant software component as well as hardware. And, given that the original concept, hardware design and software were taken directly from somebody else's project I don't see how this could be viewed as anything other than plagiarism. To add insult to injury the poster doesn't seem capable of even following the code being plagiarised, let alone have any right to present it as their own work.

If I was a marine biologist I think I'd make sure I had a boat lackey....

If on the other hand I was a marine engineer designing a new range of engines (like the current lines of 4-stroke outboards) then I would like to think I could do that myself.

Thanks to Him..

Perhaps they need to seek help from a different quarter?

Yeah'..,, Thanks "AWOL",, it really needs to be expanded.. Thanks to that code...

Sorry, but its not plagiarism because we won't copy the whole project of Him..,, We will be modifying it.. We will do our best to work with the code.. In our paper, we will give acknowledgement to the owner of that site or project,,,..

But, thanks for your replies,,, I acknowledged it :slight_smile: