Can someone helpme for use arduino with real microphone connect to speaker ?

i dont know how to send my voice out put to the Speaker i have

  1. Sound Sensor module
  2. arduino Uno R3
  3. Speaker

How do i have to got more option for send my voice output at speaker

What sound sensor module? Link?

Are you trying to process your voice in some way, or just want to amplify and send out over a speaker? If you only want to amplify and play your voice over a speaker, you need an amplifier, not an Arduino.

Most sound sensor modules are an envelope follower and so will not convey any voice data.

For real time audio processing look at this:- But just to here your voice you don't need an Arduino

If you are trying to “make a noise” with the arduino, you will need some sort of amplifier.

Depending on what you are trying to achive, and how much you wish to learn about amplifiers, you could use anything from a simple transistor, to public address system.

For the purposes of experimentation, however I suggest you use a pre-build amplifier something like this…

Which you can power from the same +5V source as your Arduino. You will also need to understand a little about how amplifiers work before plugging it in to the Arduino, you most probably need a capacitor to connect to the I/O pin of the Atmel chip, and some sort of attenuator to allow you to control the level being fed to the amplifier…

We need to know a little more about what you are trying to do before we can offer any more advice.