Can someone tell me where I can get this prototyping cutout?

Can some on tell me about the cutout shown in the attached picture from the Blog, and thanks.


Don’t know, never saw one of those before.

How's your italian?


Apparently it is called "mega-breadboard" - as an educational tool:

BTW - the way I found this was by using Chrome (something similar can be done in Firefox as well - maybe even IE?), right clicking on the image, then clicking on the menu "search google for this image" - this is called a "reverse GIS" or "reverse google image search"; basically it allows you to find the image via google, where it is referenced from (as well as showing potential "close enough" copies, if such a thing exists).

I did this because you said that your found the picture on the Blog, but didn't provide a link to the blog entry, so I went looking for it; in the course of doing that, I found other references, one of which led me to the link above.

This technique is a very handy one to know and use - and can save you a lot of time figuring out things (usually - sometimes it's no help at all - especially if there is only one reference to the image on the internet). It can also allow you to find larger versions of the image (if desired). If you have an image on your computer that you want to find on the internet, open the image up in your browser, then perform the steps above on it.

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watch the video here :

looks to be a demonstration piece that was made for maker faire ?

Well, my Italian is of absolutely no use, can't even order wine correctly; really appreciate the "search knowledge" and tips, and will research the links and see if this was a one-off or if someone is producing these items. If I do find anything I will post it as well.

Thanks again.


Well, my Italian is of absolutely no use, can't even order wine correctly;

You can use google Translate to do the work for you. Try this