Can someone translate this ? Russian to English

Hi to all.

College of mine bought some Chinese motor controller but i can get any addition infos on Chinese site. Luckily i found that someone in Russia is using the same controller and he has wrote how to connect, but its in Russian language. If someone know Russian language, please translate this ...

Thank you in advance !

Google Translate on Android can take a photo and give pretty reasonable translations of this, as it seems.

my phone wont support google translate. It's too weak for something like that.
Please pass the translation as image...

Thank you in advance !

Not as good as google, but gives an idea: Translate text from photos from English and other languages – Yandex.Translate

Screenshots of translate attached



Not got a clue - Blame Google

Thank you guys for reply and help. I did also made online translation and didnt get this "narwhal " part :slight_smile: . OK. I will group this somehow and if someone can help how to connect this to arduino, it would be great. Am planning to use digital pot for throttle and reverse and i dont need speedometer.

How to use hall sensor wires and brake ?
I guess that orange wire should be triggered somehow or connected to positive wire ?


What is the make and model of the motor controller?
Can you please post some pictures of it?

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile:

Hi Tom.

The model is KTF03018A and it looks like it's some kind of standard Chinese ebike controller.

1.) connection

2.) wires

3.) This is what we found on net, maybe it's standard for this controller too.

One important thing:

  • as far as i can understand he is using one connector (red/brown/black) for revers and forward motion ?
  • and then one connector for acceleration.

Btw. am translating now word by word, and is makes some sense.
I will upload full translation in half and hour...


I think it's better to start a new topic because it look like we are now onto something :slight_smile: