Can ssd1306 rotate 31 degree .can it rotate free use uno

can ssd1306 rotate 31 degree .can it rotate free use there any way ? i see some video on youtube.they rotate a 3d box .how they do that

They probably recalculate the vertices and redraw the cube.

is there any lib?

I doubt that there is a lib for an UNO. 3D transformations and projection onto a 2D surface is not a quick subject to get into. You would probably need fixed point maths to achieve a respectable result/frame rate on a low power micro.

In the other hand, maybe what you are seeing is a sequence of pre-drawn bitmaps being loaded onto the screen to create the illusion of a spinning 3D cube.

If you are interested, then the standard text book when I experimented with 3D graphics was called "Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics" by Foley & Van Dam and is probably considered the go to resource in early computer graphics. There's also Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice. There are PDF versions of the book available on the web.

Firstly its just a display. You can write pixels to it with the right library. It might have a scroll option, but that's it for a bare display.

To do graphics you would need a graphics library and that can be independent of the actual display, but you need enough memory for a frame-buffer (copy of the screen image) do be able to do this, which may require more RAM than a lowly Uno possesses.

i found the solutation!

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