Can’t get my 3 Nano’s to work

Hello, I am a new comer to Adruino And coding.
I am taking online , YouTube lessons and we are starting to use a Nano.
I ordered 3 of them from Elegoo.
Plugged them in and I can not upload my sketch.
Yes, the computer with Windows 10, makes the funny noise, when I plug in the cable. The 2 Led on the board light up,one of them flashes.
When uploading a sketch, I get error message.

I think the IDE menu offers a couple versions of bootloaders for Nanos. Try one of the other variants:
Atmega328P (old bootloader)

Thank you, I will try yor suggestion. Tried to upload screen shots with error message, but did not work.


this member ...

... seems to have deleted the advice.


It was moderated out along with some other replies in other topics.

Sometimes short answers are fine and sometimes a better explanation is often needed.
Also posting pictures of error messages is pretty useless as the forum does not currently have the ability to view them at the correct size making them just a fuzzy blob and leaving those wanting to help needing to remind a user to re-post.

Pictures (in focus) are fantastic for many other things but not text)

Could you take a few moments to Learn How To Use The Forum.
It will help you get the best out of the forum in the future.
Other general help and troubleshooting advice can be found here.

Thanks for the understanding and your advice. I will have to go and learn first, before asking. Please forgive me.


No not you fpeyerl.

My apologies if you thought it was aimed at you.


@fpeyerl did CrossRoads' advice from reply #1 fix your problem?