Can´t initialize Values

void user_input(){
  int rin = 8  ;
  int gin = 9  ;
  int yin = 10 ;
  int array[5]={0,0,0,0,0};
   for (int i=0; i<5;i++){
    if (digitalRead(rin)==HIGH){  int array[i]=0 ;
    else if (digitalRead(gin)==HIGH){
      int array[i]=3 ;
    else if (digitalRead(yin)==HIGH){
      int array[i]=2 ;
    } } }

So i created an empty array with 5 values, of which i want to change the 5 Values with a for-loop depending on the input i get over the i/o Pins. I searched the Forum and i think the method i want to use is generally right. But i still get the following error:

error: array must be initialized with a brace-enclosed initializer

This would be right, if i wanted to crate a new array, but i just want to change the Value of the existing one filled with zeroes. What do i need to change to be able to overwrite the Array with my i/o Input?

      int array[i] = 0 ;

That declares a new array named array

Delete the int specifier and it will use the existing array named array declared previously