Can´t upload UNO R3. (Busy serial?)

Hi guys,
I search over the internet and forum but i can´t find any help.
So basically i connect my Arduino(Infiduino) UNO R3 to my pc to upload my code.
But it uploaded about 10min and i give up. The serial leds wasn´t blinking and program didn´t make any error. I check my code but i think the problem is with serial…

i have this in my code:
void setup()

void loop()
while (Serial.available() > 0) { /// ← Simply busy serial port.


So what can i do now?

(Sorry if i am in another forum category)

I experienced the same issue and I solved by running the Arduino IDE as administrator.

I hope this may help you.

Oh my god :smiley: It is working! Thank you so much!!!