Can;t use Arudino 1.6.7 on Windows 10

This may not be the place, but here goes.
I've been using Arudino on and of on an old DELL under Vista_>W7 laptop, & its ok

Now I've got at new HP laptop & it hides up in the top right of the screen, too small for my old eyes to see especially as it is done in light blue text on light gray background - an impossible combination for my Colour blindness anyway.

I can't find anything about screen colours, text size nor page size.
I don't realy want to have a special boot with the screen DPI wound down to magnify things just for Arduino.

It does seem Odd that the IDE is totally non ajustable for the like of me - I feel I missed something somewhere, ??
Have screen grab of it if you need it.

Any help apreciated.

It is unadjustable in Linux too, but it works fine.

I am sorry to tell you but this is the reason I uninstalled Win-10 and went back to Win-7. you can try to adjust it with the contrast settings Turn high contrast mode on or off in Windows
BUT I thought it was no help for me...
you can also poke around here ---> Windows help & learning - Microsoft Support
I spent a couple of days trying to fix it and could not find anything I could use...

Good luck.

I keep getting the pop-up telling me how wonderful W10 is (I think they are taking lessons from the politicians and think if they tell you enough times, you will believe it). Still running Win7/64 and have yet to see any compelling reason (yours included) to even consider W10. I am with the OP - the eyes are getting older and the text (and part numbers on chips etc.) are getting smaller - this is NOT good!! I may switch back to vacuum tubes :o

Yea, I never upgrade when a OS first comes out. I screen my updates to Windows and I don't download the Win10 crap. Never get any pop ups. I have never used Vista either. I went from XP to Win7 after a year 7 came out just to make sure. I love Win7, but sometimes I miss XP.

Also never had a problem with drivers, the IDE (only use 1.6.5 or older), or any of the boards I use.

too small for my old eyes to see

If you install the hourly build of the Arduino IDE you can change the size in File > Preferences > Interface scale: This feature will be available in the next IDE version.

You can change the editor font size in File > Preferences > Editor font size:. You can also change many of the background colors, fonts, font sizes, and font styles by editing {Arduino IDE install folder\lib\theme\theme.txt.

It's a shame that there is no good documentation on theme.txt available as many people have similar issues with the usability of the IDE.