can teensy 3.0 or above run fingerprint scanner fps gt-511c1r?

I have an fps gt-511c1r fingerprint scanner module. I want to know whether i can run it using teensy 3.0 or above?
I have already tried it successfully using arduino uno.

If the Uno works, then there is no reason why the Teensy wouldn't, except the Teensy can only input or output 3.3V maximum.

I tried using the fingerprint scanner with teensy 3.2 but the scanner fails to communicate with the teensy board. The basic fps blink sketch of the fingerprint scanner uploads successfully to teensy but still it is not working. Here is the code:-

#include “FPS_GT511C3.h”
#include “SoftwareSerial.h”

// Hardware setup - FPS connected to:
// digital pin 0(arduino rx, fps tx)
// digital pin 1(arduino tx - 560ohm resistor - fps tx - 1000ohm resistor - ground)
// this voltage divider brings the 5v tx line down to about 3.2v so we dont fry our fps

FPS_GT511C3 fps(0, 1);

void setup()
fps.UseSerialDebug = true; // so you can see the messages in the serial debug screen

void loop()
// FPS Blink LED Test

I think that there may be some issue with the library files but i dont know what it is. I have attached the library .cpp and .h files. Please help me with this. This would mean a lot

FPS_GT511C3.cpp (22.9 KB)

FPS_GT511C3.h (13.3 KB)

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Did you remove the resistors from Tx when using the Teensy?

Yes of course i have removed the resistors. What i think is that something needs to be changed in the library. But i cant figure out what:( please help.