Can the Arduino MICRO be OTA'd

I am trying to build a MICRO based project, that I hope can be updated over the air, via an esp8266-01.

I have not been able to find any other project that has used a MICRO with OTA. So that is my question,

Is this possible?

Additionally, any hints or links that you can share to point me in the appropriate direction would be helpful.

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience and knowledge.

What's OTA?

Over the air updates. Wifi loading of sketches on the Arduino MICRO. It is possible on several other models, I am just trying to verify that it is possible on the MICRO. I can't seem to find any official reference to this. I am looking though...

30 views.... no luck. look I know the boot loader expects the sketches to come from the virtual comm port( Uart 0?), just trying to confirm if it is possible to load the MICRO via wifi....ANYONE?

I don't believe it is possible without rewriting the bootloader to look at something besides the USB port for the file to be downloaded.

Thank you for the response, from the total lack of information on the subject I kind of figured, just hoped someone else had already walked down this bumpy road and could show me the high road. Now, do I get down in the muck or just spring for the esp12e or esp32 as a different platform for this aspect of the development???

Open to input. Thanks

For an UNO lets say the bootloader does NOT look at the comm port or USB port or any such thing!

The bootloader uses the RX/TX lines of the USART. IE pins 0 and 1.

Draw things out, correct your thinking and try again you may get some where.


Have a look here:
it's a good starting point for info on OTA on arduino