can the automatic searching-for-updates of the library-manager be disabled


does there exist a possability to DISable the automatic updating of the installed library in the library-manager of the Arduino-IDE?

For me it is annoying that I have to wait 30 seconds until this updating is done.

best regards Stefan

Yes there is an option in the IDE "preferences" to disable the check for updates.

Hi ballscrewbob,

thanks for answering. That shorted the time to maybe three seconds. I guess the IDE still does a harddisc-scan to read-in of all installed libraries.
best regards Stefan

Are you talking about the delay when you open Library Manager (Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries or Tools > Manage Libraries...)? If so, the File > Preference > Check for updates on startup preference has absolutely no effect. The speed difference you're seeing is caused by the IDE's caching mechanism. If the library index on your computer is newer than x minutes (I don't remember exactly what the cutoff is), then the cached index is used. If it's older than x minutes, a fresh copy is installed.

There are currently 13602 entries in the index (and more added every week!) , so it's a pretty big download. It also takes some time for the IDE to just process the thing even if it is on your computer.